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Tuesday October 1st, 2013

Greg Copeland has started his own page at http://gregcopelandmusic.net/

Says Greg: "The site will show 3 of my songs every month on a rotating basis.  

Pretty basic, but a breakthrough from my Luddite perspective


Thursday December 29th, 2011:

 Some kind soul has posted all of "Revenge Will Come" on YouTube. 

Click here to listen to "Revenge will come"  and then you can play the other songs from there.

More new videos in the Music/Video section

Added Friday October 8, 2010 -- "Gus Van Sant’s new film (“Restless”) will include a song that Jackson and I co-wrote a thousand years ago (“Fairest of the Seasons”).  The film is scheduled to be released at the end of January 2011"

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Friday March 20, 2010 : French version of the interview with Greg and Steve : Part 1 * Part 2

Saturday February 21st, 2009

Diana & James, #1 on EuroAmericana Charts. Kudos to Greg and Peter at Hemifran!!!

The Euro Americana Chart is compiled by DJs, journalists, retailers, promotors and other people who are interested in Americana music from all over Europe. Every month they send in their favourite CD top 6.


Tuesdsay January 13, 2009

Interview with Greg and Steve Noonan. Click here


Friday, Dec. 5, 2008

Music Section: Added MP3 Of Copeland/Polland' Song for Free, released by Gentle Soul in 1967


Tuesday, November 18, 2008 - More reviews added 

Thursday November 13, 2008

* New section for reviews and interviews

* Michael Witthaus reviews Diana & James, and interviews Greg


Saturday, November 1st

Music Section: Added MP3 for La Belle Saison, French version of The Fairest of the Seasons, by Axelle Renoir

Added link to Youtube clip of El Salvador by Joan Baez and Jackson Browne


Thursday, 10/30/08

Music Section: Added MP3 file for Pretty Girls Rule The World, by David Lindley


Wednesday, 10/15/08

Added linked logo to Inside Recordings store Buy CD from Greg's label


Saturday 10/11/08

Guestbook added

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Friday 10/10/08

* Read Richie Unterberger's liner notes to the reissue of Steve Noonan's Elektra 1968 LP where early collaboration beteen Greg and Steve is mentioned at large. And of course, check out Steve Noonan's new music at www.stevenoonan.com 

* Added list of songs written by Greg Copeland + lots of obscure MP3s (Music section, Songs tab) 

* Video montage about Steve Noonan (Music section, Video tab)


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From Kevin Avery's journal:

One of my all-time favorite records is 1982's Revenge Will Come, the debut album by a poet/songwriter named Greg Copeland. Produced by his good friend (since high school) Jackson Browne and released on the Geffen label, the album was at once critically embraced (along with Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, David Johansen's Live It Up, and Lou Reed's The Blue Mask, it landed on Time magazine's best-of-the-year list) and commercially forgotten. It has never been released on CD.

A few years ago, preparing for my move two-thirds of the way across the country and looking for ways to lighten my load, I sold off most of my vinyl collection, saving only those records that either had some sort of sentimental value or which were yet unavailable on CD. Revenge Will Come came to New York City with me.

Imagine my surprise, then, in January of last year when I discovered, among the hundreds of cassettes Paul Nelson had left behind in his apartment, two tapes in particular: a promo copy of Revenge Will Come and an interview that he had conducted with Greg Copeland. Surprise tinged with a little bit of confusion because, to the best of my knowledge, Paul had never written about the album.

Recorded over the telephone in late August of 1982, Paul began by telling Copeland how much he admired the album—that it was thus far his favorite of the year. He also divulged to the young songwriter that, though he indeed intended to write about the album for Rolling Stone (where he'd been record reviews editor since 1978), he had just resigned from the magazine.

When I spoke with Greg Copeland earlier this year, he told me: "I remember the room I was sitting in when it happened. I remember talking to him, but I don't remember anything about what he said or what I said. Until you reminded me, I'd forgotten about it." 

Unfortunately, Paul never wrote about Revenge Will Come—nor would he write much of anything else for the next seven years. His departure from Rolling Stone, combined with the upheaval that was his personal life, signaled the beginning of what his friend Michael Seidenberg calls "Paul's missing years."

The good news is that, twenty-six years later, Greg Copeland has recorded his sophomore album. "Now I'm back full circle," he says. "I work as a lawyer about half-time and write the rest of the time." The album is slated for release on Jackson Browne's label later this year. 

Copyright 2008 by Kevin Avery. All rights reserved.