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Eric Taylor talks about his guitars

I play a re-issue J50 Gibson acoustic guitar. It's got a Baggs pick-up in it. I don't collect guitars because it is too expensive a habit. Over the years I've mostly played Gibsons. They are cheaper than Martins and have a nice warm sound. Especially in the bass.

I use drop D tuning a lot (Bass E tuned down to D, Sometimes I tune both E strings down to D as in Deeper Well).

On Bathsheba Blues I tuned the B string down to A. I think I got this tuning from Eric.

I use a thin flat pick to get that clicky sound. I learned that from Townes. When I finger pick, I don't use any picks on my fingers (or on my nose). Hope this is helpful.

Best, David



  My main guitar is one built by James Kinscherff

KINSCHERFF GUITARS 102 W. Annie Austin, Texas 78704 Phone: 512-447-1944).

My second guitar is a Taylor 512NG.

I still have my old Martin D35 that I've had for many many years.

It's in bad need of work, but I refuse to part with it. I'll have it re-worked sometime in the coming year

Probably have Kincherff work his magic. New record is still going well.

More about Eric's open tunings

About Prison Movie.....well, you're close. I play many songs in dadgad tuning. B string tuned down to A....both E to D 

Martin Simpson and I use it quite a bit. I sometimes use a G tuning, and sometimes use a tuning taught to me by Lightnin' called the lazy B.....just drop the the B to A and leave the others in standard. (Hey Little Ryder, Whoopin Crane).

Hemingway's Shotgun is in dadgad. Any case give it a try and don't let me hear of you tuning your guitar UP, always find a way to drop to where the need is. Oh yeah, and I play in standard tuning as well....and sometimes I play with both hands.....