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"Illegal Cargo" is David's third live album published by Strictly Country Records (SCR) in the Netherlands


Border Crossing, CoraZong re-issue 2003 with two bonus tracks

The Wheel, 2003

Women across the River, Live, 2002


Omar's Blues 2000

Album Review

Live at La Casa 2000

Through a Glass Darkly 1999

Review 1

Review 2

Real Lies 1997

Album Review * Liner notes & Lyrics

High, Wide and Lonesome 1995

Liner notes

Album Review

Live in Holland 1994

Ache of .Longing, 1994

Border Crossing, 1992

Top to Bottom, 1991

Roses, 1991

Deeper Well 1989

Album Review

Eye of the Storm, 1986

Liner Notes

Customized (Front sleeve)

Customized (rear sleeve)

Dave Olney & the X-Rays 

Customized, 1984

Njb1.jpg (85637 octets)

Njb3.jpg (271404 octets)

Nashville Jug Band, 1982


with the X-Rays, 1981

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Simpson, 1971

First known recording of David Olney: Guitar, vocals and great harmonica parts


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